What Price A Kingdom book by author Dr Dmis

What Price a Kingdom

by Dr Dmis

Against all the odds, a young queen fights to retain her kingdom and protect her subjects after the murder of her parents.

With a corrupt government baying at her heels
and assassins at every turn, can she stay alive long enough to save her realm from its oppressors?

With what few loyal guardians she has left, plans are made for one final stand. Summoning all her will and determination, as she embarks on a course of action that is unheard of in any known history of her country.

As her father the king had once told her, ‘Courage is not given to a person, it is found when most needed’. Now, she must find out for herself if she has the strength to stay the course and save her country from those that would see it fall.

A Place of our Own book by author Dr Dmis

A Place of our Own

Book one of the Lives Less Ordinary series

by Dr Dmis

With whaling oil becoming less in demand due to the discovery of cheaper mineral rich tar on land, the rich and powerful in society seek other ways to invest their money and rule with absolute power. For one such ruthless man, a village in rural England becomes such a target, changing its people and way of life forever.

As he inflicts his will on the population, supported as always by his enforcers, the people are forced to take drastic action in a bid to regain their freedom and escape this place once called home.

However, if caught, the cost is severe, especially if you are of personal interest to HIM, as he is ruthless and will stop at nothing to keep total control of all that he prevails and rules over.

Even in escape, it is not the end to the pursuit as you are constantly looking over your shoulder, waiting and watching for those that are relentlessly looking to search you out. Your thoughts regularly turn to the fate of friends and family left behind, how they are coping and, in some cases, are they still living!

At what point does it become too much to take and the fight back begin, for there is only so much a person can take before something snaps inside and the need to end the nightmare takes over.

Lost Angel of Paris book by author Dr Dmis

Lost Angel of Paris

Book two of the Lives Less Ordinary series

by Dr Dmis

After seven years of surviving on the islands of the Pacific, the last remaining brother of Lord Fitzgerald has finally made his way back to England. To his surprise, the port now lays abandoned, the whaling fleets long since removed and the family estate stripped of assets and left to ruin.

Seeking out what few friends he has left, James hears the devastating fate of his brothers and a possible location of his sisters. Now, with nothing left of his home, he is making his way to Paris on just a rumor that one or more of his baby sisters may have been sold into the sordid underworld of the Paris brothels. With little understanding of the language and less of the people he will encounter, James will do whatever it takes to solve the mystery of his lost siblings, before deciding on his actions against his older brother.

With a strong sense of honor and little in the way of pity in his heart for those that might have caused such injustice. He sets off on an adventure that gathers pace as he meets others who also have a score to be settled in the French capital.

The Plight of the Raven book by author Dr Dmis

The Plight of the Raven

Book Three of the Lives Less Ordinary series

by Dr Dmis

The war between England and the combined forces of France and Spain is escalating by the day and a showdown of might in the south pacific is about to commence. Each side is desperate to control the islands, resources and trade routes for their own country, with the building of Forts, storage docks and settlements of utmost importance.

As usual in conflict on foreign soil, the natives and local tribes along with their way of life is of little importance to the feuding Empires. But slaves for building stockades and women to cook clean and service the men while they are away from home are fair game to the invaders.

For one such village, they came in the night when the men were out at sea fishing with the fleet of dug out canoes, while others were inland trading with the forest people. But this was not a normal village, it was one of just a few made up of natives, ex-soldiers, whalers, navy men and their families. Unable to adjust to modern life back home, they had made the decision to live a simpler and free life on the islands, committing to the tribe and its rules set for generations by the village elders.

Now with their loved ones taken, a fury and vengeance unlike anything these Empires have ever known is about to be unleashed from a primitive people. With pity and mercy long since gone from their hearts as they hunt down the people responsible for their family’s abduction.