Murder, avarice, betrayal and treason.

What Price A Kingdom by Author Dr Dmis

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What Price a Kingdom

by Dr Dmis

Against all the odds, a young queen fights to retain her kingdom and protect her subjects after the murder of her parents.

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As her father the king had often told her when she was a child, ‘Courage is not given to a person, it is found when most needed’.

The man realizes he has been outplayed and smiles while shaking his head. He stands up and leaves the table, only looking back and nodding at her from afar as he departs the room.

If only they had the chance to go just a little further, just another mile or so, for they would then see the truth and the true state of the people of this country under the control of The Three Heads.

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath through his nose, he smiles as he smells the scents of the flowers. He tries to picture in his mind which one he smells first, but it’s a tough call.

“The Three Heads are using our own people’s taxes to fund an army of foreign mercenaries and spies to do their bidding and make the people suffer more.” He spits on the floor in an exaggerated manner.

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The epic new fantasy series by Dr Dmis